Lattice Degeneration of the Retina

Lattice Degeneration of the retina occurs in about 6-8% of the population.? It is condition where the peripheral retina develops small holes and thin spots that predispose the retina to tearing which can lead to a retinal detachment.? Retinal detachments are ophthalmic emergencies and need to be repaired promptly by laser or other surgery to avoid loss of vision.



People who are nearsighted (myopic) are at higher risk.? Symptoms of a retinal tear or retinal detachment include seeing “floaters” or seeing “flashes” of light, (click here for more information on Floaters and Flashes).? Lattice or variants of lattice can be seen in people with Marfan Syndrome, Stickler’s Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.


Treatment is by prophylactic laser to prevent tears or holes in patients who have susceptible areas of lattice.?? There is no benefit to laser if the patient is asymptomatic or if the lattice is not susceptible to retinal tears.?? This can only be determined by a dilated exam.? Even with treatment, a retinal detachment can still occur.