Free-Form Digitally Surfaced Lenses

Free form, or customized lenses are becoming more widely known and represent a significant advance in lens technology and vision. This technology is not unique to one manufacturer with lines form Zeiss, Shamir, Varilux, Sola, Hoya and others. This lens technology goes by many names: FreeForm, Digital Surfacing, Digitized, Internal Free-Form, FingerPrint Surfacing, Customized, Precise-Form, Backside/ Back-Surface, Dual-Surface, Wavefront, Fully Personalized, HD and High Definition.

Most digitally surfaced free-form lens designs will take into account measurements such as pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance, near viewing distance, panoramic angle and wrap angle. This process allows us to provide truly customized lenses for individual wearers. These lens designs are optimized for the position of wear creating small power changes to reflect the fitted lenses as they are perceived by the actual person wearing the glasses.