Insurance Plans

Dr. Saub is contracted with most, but not all, PPO insurance plans, Medicare, and OptumHealth Vision Plan. We will bill your primary insurance directly under these plans. You are responsible for co-payments, co-insurance and any unmet deductible, all of which are due at the conclusion of each visit. We will make every attempt to collect payment from your primary insurance company. We do not bill secondary insurance companies (except Medicare recipients).

If you have an insurance plan with which we are not contracted, such as an HMO or other managed care plan, you may still see Dr. Saub by using your “Out-of-Network” benefits. If so, you will be asked to pay for your office visit at the time services are provided. You will receive a statement at the time of your visit that includes all the information needed for you to bill your insurance company. This statement should be attached to your completed insurance form and forwarded to the address on your insurance card. Your insurance will reimburse you for your visit at the “out-of-network” rate. Check with your human resources department or your insurance booklet to determine your benefits. Whenever possible, we will bill your insurance directly for surgical procedures.