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For nearly 20 years, we at South Bay Ophthalmology take personal responsibility for helping people see well. In 2010, we opened our Optical Shop to better serve you and to assume full responsibility for making your glasses.

In the era of COVID-19, we continue to provide personalized optical services, now with new reassuring safety protocols, including visits by appointment only in a clean quiet safe environment. We also now have a new Online Optical Shop Gallery where you can search, view and try-on the over 600 frames online. Read more about our new Online Optical Shop Gallery below.

We carry top quality frames and lenses, including many high-end specialized products for various visual tasks and to address various visual problems. We also carry many basic everyday frames and lenses to suit most needs.

We believe fitting frames and lenses is an art and is definitely not one-size fits all. We recognize that each patient has unique eyewear needs, so we work with each person individually to select the right frame and lens combination, to obtain precise measurements and to achieve each person’s goals, in terms of price, style and function.

Our process begins with listening to your particular current visual needs and goals. We also take time to learn about your previous successes and/or problems with glasses, so that your new pair will be your best pair.

Our glasses come with various warranties at no additional charge, ranging from 6 to 24 months, including free lens replacement for prescription changes and for scratches.

We believe in providing you with service, quality and value in a safe, clean no sales-pressure environment.

Meet Our Optician

Bill has nearly 20 years experience in medical ophthalmology, where he gained in-depth knowledge helpful in understanding vision and optics. This familiarity propelled him into Opticianry with solid skills. Now he has over 10 years experience as an Optician, having fit and dispensed many types of glasses for many types of needs.

He is up-to-date on the latest frame and lens technology and he works with industry experts continually advancing his knowledge.

Bill enjoys working with each patient to insure his or her visual needs and expectations are met and to insure an overall excellent fitting experience. He especially enjoys bringing style and flair to his customer’s eyewear by using top-quality eyewear.

Brands We Carry


Eyewear, even more so than jewelry, becomes a part of how the world sees you. Cinzia takes that choice very seriously. Cinzia eyewear favors sophistication over femininity and personal style over chasing fads. Each frame is designed to emanate confidence, perfect for the woman unafraid to make her mark.

Cote D' Azur

Cote D’Azur eyewear aims to capture a moment of grace in the design of every frame, offering elegant styling for women who appreciate fine details and feminine touches, all designed to highlight your natural beauty. Only premium materials are used and all styles are designed to accommodate a wide range of prescriptions.

Scott Harris

Across men’s, women’s, and unisex options – Scott Harris offers fresh, timely, colorful stylings free of heavy embellishments.

Michael Ryen

Some decisions are complicated, choosing eyewear doesn’t have to be. Michael Ryen eyewear is designed to provide discerning men a breadth of options in a wide range of sizes. Three principles drive the design and execution of every Michael Ryen frame: Fit, Quality, & Style.


Perfect proportions, well-balanced shapes and an exciting world of colours give us a sense of security, inspire us and feed our souls with context and the lightness of being. This is what a perfect product must provide – with no compromises. With its passion for detail, the OWP Ladies’ Collection embodies the personality of the fashion-conscious woman and provides strong and feminine looks as desired.


The date was 1986. The place was Amsterdam and the visionary was a man by the name of Rattan Chadha. In 1986 Rattan Chadha took his two brands, Moustache, his men’s brand (M), and Emanuelle, his women’s brand (E), and joined them to create a new one. He sealed the match with two kisses (xx): Mexx. That’s how we got our name and came into being. Since then we’ve been designing quality fashion and accessories that take inspiration from the energy and buzz of the city.


Exceptional aesthetic often arises from the combination of two seemingly opposing poles. Silhouette eyewear has always succeeded in mastering this art: Achieving unparalleled lightness through inner strength. To remain true to oneself and to constantly set new impulses. To create timeless design that also meets the spirit of the age. The result is unique eyewear that will delight and surprise you in terms of its innovation. Excellent design and high-quality materials create a clarity of design that expresses the individuality of the people who wear them.

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